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William H. McMicken, M.D.

419 North York Road
Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040

Telephone: 215 675-2443
Facsimile: 215 675-2449

Welcome to the Web Site of William H. McMicken, M.D.

This is a personal web site with information about myself and my practice. Throughout the Site there are links that can direct you to additional information about the term that is underlined in blue. After following any link, please use your browser's BACK button to return to this WebSite.
My specialty is Internal Medicine and includes both Primary Care and hospital inpatient practice. A Curriculum Vitae documenting my education, training and experience is located in this website as CV1 and CV2 . The Submarine Navy part of the site comes from my experience as a Nuclear Submarine Medical Officer in the U. S. Navy prior to specialty training in Internal Medicine and moving to civilian private practice. I earned my dolphins as a Medical Officer serving on board nuclear powered submarines USS Seawolf SSN-575 and USS Snook SSN-592.
The date of this revision is July 2, 2006. Please email me about errors or any non-working links. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer or Netscape set at 800 X 600 pixel screen. The fonts used mostly are Verdana and Comic Sans . Please check out my HOME page for more information.
On April 14, 2003, a new Federal law went into effect. It is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, popularly referred to as HIPAA. In accordance with this law, we are required to protect the private personal health information of our patients (Protected Health Information, or PHI). We are also required to provide them with a Notice of Privacy Policies regarding policies and procedures, and abide by the terms of this Notice, as it may be amended for time to time. A copy of the complete Notice is available in our office, and is posted on this website. To review this Notice, click on the listing in the Website Contents below.

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