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William H. McMicken, M.D.
419 North York Road
Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040
Telephone: 215 675-2443
Facsimile: 215 675-2449

Curriculum Vitae of William H. McMicken, M.D.

Birthdate: December 5, 1932
Birth Place: Salem, West Virginia

B. S., 1954,
Salem College (now Salem University), Salem, West Virginia
M.D. 1958,
Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA
Board Eligible, Internal Medicine

United States Naval Service:

March 1957: Commissioned as Ensign, Medical Corps, U. S. Navy, U. S. Navy Medical Ensign Program.

June - July, 1957: Active Duty for Training, as Assistant to the Medical Officer, USS Macon (CA-132), Midshipman Cruise to Caribbean and South America.

September 1957 - June 1958: Selected for the Senior Medical Student Program, Active Duty for Training during senior year at Jefferson Medical College.

July 1958 - July 1959: Rotating Internship, U. S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

July - December 1959: U. S. Naval Submarine School, U. S. Naval Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut. In addition to the usual course for Submarine Medical Officers, an eight week course was in included in Health Physics, i.e., basic nuclear physics and reactor theory, radiochemistry techniques, radioisotope identification, radiation survey and counting techniques. Additional duties consisted of a rotating watch schedule in Obstetrics and Emergency Medicine at the Submarine Base Hospital. Temporary additional duty in October 1959, assigned to Naval Reactors Branch, Bureau of Ships, Navy Department, Washington, D. C., for interview with VADM Hyman G. Rickover and approval for assignment to the Navy Nuclear Power Program.

January - April 1960: Atomic Energy Commission Trainee, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories, West Milton Site, West Milton, New York. Submarine Reactor Prototype Training, S3G Reactor; including instruction in reactor operations and systems, personnel monitoring for radiation exposure, radiation surveys and radiation shielding methods

April 1960 - March 1961: Medical Officer, USS Seawolf, SSN-575, with home port New London, Connecticut. Usual duties of a ship's medical officer; additional duties as Public Information Officer. Performed and supervised performance of reactor coolant radiochemistry, crew radiation protection measures, including film badge monitoring program and radiation surveys.



U.S. Navy Photo

Golden Gate Bridge, 1982, San Francisco Bay
U. S. Navy Photo

Wardroom of U.S.S. Seawolf SSN-575
Picture taken 1960 by the Medical Officer,
LT William H. McMicken, MC, USN

The pictures below are U.S. Navy photos of USS Nautilus SSN-571.
The living spaces are nearly identical to those on USS Seawolf SSN-575.

Officers' Wardroom Officers Stateroom

Galley Crews Mess (and Operating Room)

April 1961 - April 1962: Medical Officer, USS Snook SSN-592, assigned to pre-commissioning crew while Snook was under construction in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and during sea trials in Gulf of Mexico. Transited the Panama Canal en route to home port, San Diego, California, after commissioning in October 1961. Initial duties placed emphasis on teaching and crew training; usual duties of ship's medical officer after commissioning, including radiation protection responsibilities similar to those described for Seawolf.

USS Snook SSN-592
U.S.Navy Photo

May - June 1962: U. S. Naval School, Deep Sea Diving, Washington, D.C. An eight-week course with instruction in hyperbaric physiology, decompression theory and techniques, biologic and physical hazards in diving, and actual diving training and experience using decompression chambers, SCUBA gear and surface-supplied air and helium-oxygen "hard hat" diving equipment.
July 1962 - July 1963: Squadron Medical Officer,
Submarine Squadron Six, Norfolk, Virginia. Overall supervision of medical personnel and medical services in approximately fifteen submarines and auxiliary vessels. Temporary assignment to USS Sealion,APSS-315 in the Caribbean during the "Cuban Missile Crisis" of October 1962.
August 1963 - April 1965: Residency Training, Internal Medicine,
U. S. Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.
April 1965: Resignation and discharge from U. S. Navy.

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